The Full Moon Party

One secret location, buckets of cocktails, special guests & Malia’s best DJ’s, Hosts and MC’s on rotation each and every Sunday – this is THE MALIA FULL MOON PARTY!

Based on the infamous Thailand Full Moon Party, we aim to bring the same energy and vibe to a secret outdoor location in Malia.

Customers can buy buckets of cocktails creating a great talking point, whilst offering value for money, as they listen to the sounds of Malia’s best DJ’s playing back to back all in one place, whilst they dance under the stars at Arena Stadium’s open-air festival venue…

The Full Moon Party runs every Wednesday evening from 8pm – 11pm.

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The Best Party

The production for our Full Moon Party really does set it apart from any other open-air event Malia has to offer. From the large LED screens surrounding the entire stage to the powerful sound system, the CO2 cannons, the fireworks, the dancers and fire breathers, this really is a highlight of any Malia party goers holiday!